« It takes women to persuade men to work in the fields . The matriarchy moves on the clods of the earth». Gavino Ledda has no doubts: «Only the female can save agriculture».

At his home in Siligo, the 84-year-old author of “Padre Padrone” talks about his childhood between the town and the countryside of Baddhevrustana , where his father Abraham , snatching him from school, had taken him at the age of five. Illiterate until the age of 20 , he graduated in '69 . Last autumn his “ Aurum Tellus ”, written in 1991, won the “Pavese” prize . "I'd like to write more."

Today (Saturday), on L'Unione Sarda on newsstands and on the L'Unione Digital app, an interview signed by the director Emanuele Dessì.


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