New bad weather alarm in Sardinia.

In fact, the mass of cold air coming from Eastern Europe will bring a wave of intense frost to Italy , also causing a drop in maximum temperatures on the island (at least 7-8 degrees less) and an overall worsening of weather conditions.

Based on the forecasts, the regional Civil Protection Department has therefore issued an alert for Monday 6 February and Tuesday 7.

Rain and strong and stormy winds are arriving from the early hours of Monday morning, but snowfalls are also expected at an altitude of 600 meters in eastern Sardinia and at an altitude of 800 meters in western Sardinia.

On Tuesday, on the other hand, there is a risk of rain especially in southern Sardinia, while in the central part of the island the altitude where snowfall could occur will drop to 500 metres.

The alert also concerns ice: in fact, frosts are expected on the road surface during the coldest hours.


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