Moments of fear in via Nigra in Quartu Sant'Elena .

A local police officer who intervened on the road to fine a car parked in front of a driveway, is voluntarily run over by a young man riding a scooter who then runs away at full speed.

Everything happens in a few moments. In front of the patrol in via Nigra a small line of cars forms in a queue behind the De Vizia truck that was collecting the waste .

Evidently tired of waiting, a boy riding a scooter starts trumpeting, wheeling his moped and yelling at the operators to move. So the agent approaches to tell him to stop and also to contest the non-use of the helmet .

From there a bickering arises and the boy, suddenly, accelerates and passes with the wheels over the leg of the unfortunate agent, before running away. The sore agent is transported to the emergency room. Luckily he gets away with ten days of prognosis, but it could have ended much worse.

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