Contagions decreasing and incidence at a minimum, Covid is no longer scary in Sardinia, where in the week 27 January-2 February there was an incidence of 49.1 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants, against 56.7 in the previous survey .

The Gimbe report highlights how the greatest drop was recorded in Southern Sardinia , where the incidence is at 28, 36.8% less than the previous week. In the Sassari area, the incidence is 35 (-26.7%). The highest incidence is recorded in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari (75, up by 9.7%) . In the Oristano area the incidence is 60 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants (-23.5%) and in the Nuoro area it is 53 (-2.8%).

On the other hand, the number of beds occupied in the medical area (10.9%) and intensive care (2%) rose above the national average .

Vaccinations have been at a standstill for weeks now : the percentage of the over 5-year-old population who has not received any dose of vaccine is 11.5% (Italian average 11.0%) to which must be added the temporarily protected population over 5-year-olds, as recovered from Covid-19 for less than 180 days, equal to 0.6%.

The percentage of the over 5 year old population who did not receive the third dose of the vaccine is 15.3% (Italian average 12.3%) to which must be added the over 5 year old population healed for less than 120 days, who cannot receive the third dose immediately, equal to 2.2%. The vaccination coverage rate with the fourth dose is 22.3% (Italian average 30.9%), while that with the fifth dose is 10.0% (Italian average 13.9%).

Among the youngest (5-11 years) those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 41.8% (Italian average 35.3%) to add a further 4.5% (Italian average 3.2%) only with first dose.


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