The vice-president of the Coordination3 Women of Sardinia, Carla Puligheddu, has been appointed " Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence " of the Region of Sardinia.

Puligheddu - national manager of Psd'Az, professor of motor and sports sciences - in the function of Guarantor and according to the provisions of the UN Convention on the rights of children and adolescents will be called mainly to protect , for these age groups, rights and interests in institutional settings .

Its task will be to deal with the many emergencies that, in this area, require particular attention: to carry out initiatives against all forms of discrimination, violence and bullying and against early school leaving ; actions to support minors at risk of social exclusion , due to disability or educational and social poverty.

«We are certain - underlines Carmína Conte , president of the Coordination3 Women of Sardinia association - that she will be able to best fulfill this important and delicate role thanks to her vast and many years of experience in the field of training and education. Just as he will be able to make use of his expertise in the field of rights and equal opportunities, and will be able to develop effective actions to combat all forms of discrimination and abuse".

«Thanks to her sensitivity – the conclusion – she will be able to protect their rights enshrined in the Constitution and best interpret the needs and desires of girls, boys and adolescents living in Sardinia. Above all the right to happiness.


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