«From my bar counter I have seen the city grow and change a lot . Work is my passion, but even steel gets ruined sooner or later . And it's time for me to rest ." Rosalba Matta is now 81 years old and since 1973 she has been the owner of the historic bar in Piazza Repubblica in Cagliari , which bears her surname on the sign and which is now preparing for new management.

«Give me a second, I'll serve the customers and come. Can you wait a moment for the interview?", the debut. Then, after having satisfied everyone, the long-awaited moment: that of opening the drawer of memories. «There are so many, I can't even count them. But I will try to choose the best ones", he assures. It all began in 1956 «when dad opened the business. He managed the bar restaurant at the Cagliari Fair and we took care of what today in English is called catering. We did a lot together, among the moments that I certainly carry in my heart when we worked to win the scudetto."

And then many international conferences and important names who have made history. «We met the immense Grace Kelly , the great Ranieri . And then I also remember Cousteau , the documentary guy, on the island to study the seabed." What also transformed the Matta bar, and its owner, into an attentive observer of the city was its proximity to the Court of Cagliari. «It's here in front. And we've seen it all. Important trials, lawyers, magistrates. We were here at the time of the Manuella case, at the time of Savasta's interrogation. A long time has passed, but we have remained."

The large windows also distinguish the bar, always decorated and decorated with taste and patience. Among the frames, colors, details, which have always attracted the curiosity of passers-by, even just for a moment. And then the flowers , lots of flowers. «They could never be missing. I've always cared about it. It was kind of my signature. Bars have always been seen as environments for men , not women. I, however, wanted to change this mentality, transforming these spaces into a place for everyone. For my 50th birthday they gave me 150 roses, which were immediately put on display."

Later came the big changes in Cagliari. "The city has improved, I remember that once upon a time there was almost nothing." The question mark remains regarding the large construction sites which «from via Roma to via Dante and beyond have created inconveniences. Even though - he confesses - we have never lacked trusted customers, despite the work on the subway just a few meters away".

And perhaps it will be them, after having lowered the shutter of the bar for the last time, who will be missed the most. «It was age that pushed me to close. The business will reopen under new management but I will be at home to enjoy my family and my grandchildren", he confesses. A "painful" decision, if it had been up to me I would have continued further", explains Matta, between shining eyes and a few sighs. «But I'm not disappearing, those who know me will see me in the center of Cagliari or on some other occasion», he reassures.

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