There are now just a few hours left until "Football, music and solidarity", the event in Cagliari that unites the sports press and the rossoblù footballers in the name of Gigi Riva. Conceived in the nineties by the journalist Bruno Corda, Gigi Riva and Claudio Ranieri, this year journalists and footballers will not compete on a football pitch, but on the stage of the fair's Congress center - entry into Piazza Efisio Puddu from 7pm - at sound of music and songs.

The first to take the stage will be himself, mister Claudio Ranieri, who returned to Sardinia to save Cagliari in January 2023 after a phone call with Riva. Together with Sir Claudio also the players of the scudetto, many others who have worn the rossoblù shirt, in particular those who he coached in 1988-1991 and in the 2023-24 season. And then the journalists of yesterday and today accompanied by the writer Matteo Porru. Also on stage are musicians from the Sardinian music scene: Prexiaus, Diana Puddu, I Collage and Piero Marras. While the hostess will be the journalist Virginia Saba.

There is still time to purchase the ticket, which costs 10 euros, both at the Box Office in Viale Regina Margherita and online on the Box Office website, but also at the box office at the entrance. The proceeds will be used to create the statue of Gigi Riva which will then be placed at the Lazzaretto of Sant'Elia, just as the Myth had requested.

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