The logbook says "day three" , the route is already traced: "Not against the school, but for the school" . The students of the Siotto Classical High School in Cagliari continue to occupy the institute, hunting for a seed that can germinate in the years to come. The mobilization seems almost out of season, far from the winter wind that traditionally welcomes self-management: «Doing it these days», explains one of the school representatives, Niccolò Dessì, « makes it clear how much we care . These are complex days, with exams approaching: this strengthens our desire to express ourselves ».

The boys talk about a critical situation, which concerns the structure : «There are important infiltrations in various wings of the building» continues Niccolò. "Then there is the gymnasium, unusable for some time , because it is occupied by desks and chairs that are not owned by the school". So the students are forced to carry out their physical education hours outdoors: not bad in the spring, much more problematic in the winter. How much and with what strength the criticisms are perceived is evident from the massive participation in the occupation: only two classes of the Siotto have continued the lessons regularly , dissociating themselves from a protest that has also found support from the professors.

But the structure is not the only discomfort that has led the boys to the last resort: "For weeks", says another representative, Margherita Mereu, " our high school has been under attack by a neo-fascist group ". The banner at the beginning of the month is only the latest in a series of episodes involving the institute: «First a sticker appeared, attached to the street number», says Margherita, «then the social profile of the representatives received serious threats, as “we will come and find you” ». A dangerous escalation that prompted even the principal, Aldo Pillittu, to intervene: "He wrote a beautiful circular ", the representatives say, "with a hymn to freedom and the Constitution". The students are still unable to fully explain why Siotto was targeted: "Perhaps because ours is an inclusive school and has always been openly anti-fascist ".

And this spirit can also be read and understood from the billboards that the kids are putting together during the hours of self-management: one of the many activities carried out these days by the students, who are experiencing school twenty-four hours a day: «We only go home for the shower» . Throughout the day, however, lots of open-air sports, study rooms, board and role-playing games, but also a meeting place for kids who are preparing for their medicine test. Not only that, the four representatives - the others are Fabio Argiolas and Federico Zanda - hold 40-minute conferences to give some advice to their "successors": «A delicate and underestimated role». Looking at their eyes and listening to their determination, you have to believe them.

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