She became a mother at the age of 57 , after risking the removal of the uterus and at the end of a pregnancy with a very high coefficient of difficulty.

"Our dream of becoming parents has come true thanks to the professionalism of the doctors of the Brotzu company in Cagliari who have followed us along this long and tortuous path".

Speaking, with her husband Bruno Lai next to her, is the new mother Maria Cristina Lecis , who two days ago gave birth to a beautiful baby in the obstetrics ward of the San Michele hospital . An event almost from the Guinness Book of medicine, with few precedents at least in Sardinia. Also because seven years ago, when she was 50, the woman had undergone an operation at the Businco for the removal of several fibroids from the uterus. All the doctors consulted so far had recommended hysterectomy - that is, radical removal - to avoid problems in the future, especially the risk of tumors. But she hadn't given up on her desire to become a mother.

"We talked - explains Professor Antonio Macincia, director of the Oncological Gynecology of Businco and of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of San Michele -, he told me about his desire for maternity and asked me if it was possible to save the uterus. We accepted the challenge ".

Until the happy ending on Wednesday, when, after getting pregnant with medically assisted procreation, the 57-year-old gave birth by caesarean to a 2 kg 930 gram baby in excellent general clinical condition . A very rare case, made even more exceptional by the fact that the patient, at the start, had a uterus not suitable for pregnancy. “For us - explains Macincia - this happy event is part of the great project for maternity carried out by the Brotzu company, a project with women at the center where even satisfying a need of this type becomes a challenge that is worth accepting ”.

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