"I do not know what to do. There is nothing left in my networks, the thieves must be stopped, because this is what it is about. Let someone help me." Luciano Sanna, 63 years old, a fisherman from Cabras, tells of his desperation with tears in his eyes from the "Santa Barbara" boat moored at the small port of Torregrande. The one he uses every night to reach the nets he lowers into the sea the day before, in the Gulf of Oristano. When it arrives, however, there are those who have already come to round up everything: shellfish, sea bream, snapper, capons and much more. Not a bad loot that hasn't ended up in the hands of Luciano Sanna for many months.

According to the fisherman it is a well-branched organisation: «They are not improvised fishermen. They know where I'm going, even if I change area they always find me the same. I also tried reaching further away areas but nothing changed. Usually there are four of them, they steal everything they find when I haven't arrived yet. But there were times they emptied the nets in my presence. I'm alone, I can't defend myself, I have a small boat compared to the two vehicles they usually use to reach the area where I drop my fishing gear which is often also damaged."

Luciano Sanna, who in recent months also reported the matter to the Port Authority, was heard today at the prefecture. During the meeting the fisherman was asked to immediately file a report with the police indicating the areas where the thefts occur. So that both the military and the Coast Guard can intervene as soon as possible to put an end to these unpleasant episodes. The prefecture let it be known that the situation is therefore under control and that it will be monitored step by step.

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