Removal from the family home for the young man from Arzachena, just over 20 years old, accused of the alleged abuse of Abdellah Beqeaw , the Moroccan homeless man found dead in a parking lot in Arzachena at the end of 2020.

The boy is now the recipient of a precautionary measure ordered by the investigating judge of Tempio , for the alleged ill-treatment of his relatives and mother.

The young man who allegedly attacked family members on several occasions will shortly appear before the Temple investigating judge for the alleged harassment of the homeless man, in some cases filmed with a cell phone .

The crime of torture is confirmed in the charge.

For the civil plaintiff's lawyer, the criminal lawyer Angelo Merlini, who represents the Moroccan community of Arzachena, the contestation of the crime of torture does not close the homeless case . The relatives and compatriots of the victim insist on new investigations into a possible causal link between the oppression suffered by Abdellah Beqeaw and his death.

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