The plan to strengthen the 118 rescue service in the main tourist areas of Sardinia in the summer begins. The pre-hospital health emergency is therefore preparing to cope with the high influx of visitors expected until September 30th .

The Regional Emergency Emergency Company (AREUS) plans not only to extend the opening times of some basic stations managed by the affiliated associations and cooperatives all year round, but also to activate new basic and advanced stations where necessary.

And thanks to the availability of AREUS nurses, the Company will also be able to count this year on nursing emergency vehicles capable of managing the so-called "time-dependent" pathologies more appropriately, i.e. which need to be treated in the shortest possible time by healthcare personnel adequately trained.

In places further away from the main urban centres, the plan aims in particular to strengthen rescue services with basic ambulances . The aim is thus to make the network of emergency vehicles more widespread and to arrive at the scene of the event in the shortest time possible.

In the territory of the ASL of Cagliari , basic emergency vehicles will be present 24 hours a day in Costa Rei and Torre delle Stelle . In Villasimius the service will be strengthened with an additional 24-hour station which will have a nurse on board during certain time slots. In Pula the basic service will be extended, guaranteeing the presence of rescuers at 12 noon, from 8am on Monday to 8pm on Thursday and 24 hours on weekends.

Areus, however, is waiting to define the strengthening of the 118 24 hour service in Chia-Domus de Maria .

In the territory of the Carbonia Local Health Authority, the transformation of the vehicle already operational into a station with nurses on board in certain time slots has been planned in Carloforte - Isola di San Pietro. Service also enhanced in the seaside resorts of Porto Pino (Sant'Anna Arresi) and Giba where the operating association will expand the service for 13 hours. Also in Giba, Areus is establishing an advanced vehicle with nurses on board from 15 July 24 hours a day on weekends.

In Gonnesa this year too, rescue will be activated with a QUAD in the Plag'e Mesu area with two rescuers on board, the External Semi-Automatic Defibrillator (AED) and the rescue equipment for interventions along the 3 km of beach.

In the ASL of Medio Campidano the summer expansion will see the establishment of a 12h basic vehicle at the Torre dei Corsari locality in the Municipality of Arbus.

In the territory of the ASL of Oristano , both a new emergency vehicle will be activated at 12 noon in Is Arutas in the municipality of Cabras and an ambulance with nurses on board in certain time slots in the locality of Is Arenas (municipality of Narbolia).

In the territory of the ASL of Sassari the basic emergency vehicles will be stationed in Fertilia (Alghero) from 8am to 8pm and in Campanedda (Sassari) every day 24 hours a day.

In the territory of the ASL of Olbia , the additional basic service will be active 24 hours a day in Porto Rotondo (Olbia), in Loiri Porto San Paolo, in Vignola Mare (Aglientu), in Costa Paradiso (Trinità d'Agultu) . Additional nursing stations in Abbiadori (Arzachena) in San Teodoro and Santa Teresa Gallura .

In the territory of the ASL of Nuoro : in Orosei , the basic vehicle will provide service to SOS Alinos 24 hours a day, 7/7, while in La Caletta-Siniscola the basic emergency vehicle will have an increase in hours of activity. Special project with vehicle with 4x4 rescue personnel in Oliena every day from 8am to 8pm.

In the Lanusei Local Health Authority, the medical ambulance will be activated in Tortolì from 8am to 8pm, while the vehicle with nurses on board will operate at night. In Baunei it has not yet been possible to activate a 4x4 vehicle during the daytime due to lack of availability of the operators in the sector.

The enhancement plan, in addition to the emergency vehicles of the advanced and basic network, can always count on the help of the Helicopter Rescue Service, which can be activated from the two 118 Operations Centers in Cagliari and Sassari with the helicopters of the three bases in Olbia (also active on night), Alghero and Cagliari (active during the day).


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