Green light in the City Council for the 2023 report of the Municipality of Alghero. Mayor Mario Conoci underlined the correct management of the organisation's resources and budget, while the centre-left opposition pointed the finger at the very high administration surplus: around 4 million euros unspent. «A pathology in the budget» said Pietro Sartore, of the Per Alghero group, «we have not been able to invest the money, while the city lacks services».

The majority, however, raised their hand to dismiss the accounting document. «With the latest green light from the Council for economic-financial management, the correctness and incisiveness of the administrative activity is certified, in line with the mandate objectives. Budget balances and punctuality in payments have been respected and revenue forecasts have been confirmed", commented Mario Conoci who thanked the council, commission and offices for the important work carried out in recent months.

Approximately 4 million surplus for which the Administration - on the available quota - has already prepared the change that will allow the release of important resources to be allocated to the various sectors. 2.1 million euros are expected - as unanimously decided by the municipal council - to guarantee full operations for the next three years of the Alghero In House company, the municipal subsidiary.

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