Yet another feminicide. This time in Terni, where a woman was stabbed to death in a house in via del Crociere, in the Borgo Rivo area.

The crime occurred at the height of a dispute that broke out with her husband. The victim is a woman of Albanian nationality around 60 years old.

The man was stopped by the police, who arrived at the scene with the Flying Squad, the Scientific Squad and the Flying Squad.

The investigations to reconstruct what happened are coordinated by the Terni prosecutor's office.

According to an initial reconstruction of the incident, the woman would have been murdered while, on the phone, she was desperately asking for help from her 25-year-old son who was at work outside the city: "Dad wants to kill me," she told him. The young man himself raised the alarm, sending the policemen to the house when unfortunately the crime had already been committed.


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