Joint operation of police and carabinieri in Milan as part of the investigation into an attack that took place on the night between 2 and 3 July in via di Tocqueville during which gunshots had been fired and two people of Senegalese nationality were been kicked in.

As part of the blitz, the trappers Baby Gang (Zaccaria Mouhib) and Simba La Rue (Lamine Mohamed Saida) were arrested.

In the order signed by the investigating judge Guido Salvini, 9 other suspects appear (only one under house arrest) and two minors, all linked to the entourage of the two artists and accused in various ways of brawl, injury, aggravated robbery and abusive carrying of a firearm.

In his provision, the judge writes: "The total abstraction from the reality in which the suspects live and act with the ego totally included in that of the gang emerges, which prevents them even from perceiving the negative value and weight of the criminal actions carried out , however, enhanced in the videos and musical pieces produced by the group and disseminated via social networks, with a serious imitative risk therefore towards other very young subjects ". And again:" The strength of the criminal bond existing between them has certainly strengthened the criminal intention , instigating individuals to act with ever greater violence to emerge in the group and climb the internal hierarchy ".

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