Beaten to death by three people for stopping at a red light . This is what happened on Friday 24 November in Turin to 47-year-old Marco Nebiolo , a real estate agent and member of the Turin API building board and of the Fimaa board of directors.

The man was in Corso Unità d'Italia on board a Fiat Grande Punto when, near the Automobile Museum, he was rear-ended by a Citroen Xsara . Three people got out of the latter: enraged by the stop at the traffic lights, they started banging on the windows of Nebiolo's car. Then the brutal beating : Nebiolo was attacked and fell to the ground, violently hitting his head on the asphalt. He is currently hospitalized in the Neurosurgery department with a skull fracture, two large hematomas, several hemorrhagic foci and abrasions in different parts of the body. He is conscious but remembers little of the episode. And now the wife is looking for witnesses to better understand the dynamics of the beating.

The video surveillance images are now being examined by the police to identify the attackers.


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