«Out of Alfredo since 41 bis». The anarchists shout it from the garrison outside the armored Palazzo di Giustizia in Turin, during the appeal process which sees Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino, anarchist militants of the FAI (informal anarchist federation) accused .

The judges must express themselves on the redetermination of the sentence, as established by the Cassation, for the crime of political massacre which provides for life imprisonment .

Alfredo Cospito is held in Sassari prison where he is imprisoned in the 41 bis regime, he has been carrying out a hunger strike for more than a month to contest the harsh prison regime to which he is subjected.

The anarchist made spontaneous declarations: "Condemned to an endless limbo, I'm not in it and I'm not giving up but I will continue my hunger strike for the abolition of the 41 bis and life imprisonment impediment until my last breath for make these two repressive abominations of this country known to the world".

Cospito risks life imprisonment for the attack on the carabinieri school of Fossano (Cuneo), when two bombs were detonated in 2006: he was sentenced to 20 years, but the Court of Appeal of Turin, presided over by Piera Caprioglio, must decide whether to re-determine the crime as a political massacre. The Attorney General Francesco Saluzzo has asked for prison and life and twelve months of

daytime isolation .

"The Italian judiciary - the anarchist continued - decided that, being too subversive, I could no longer have the possibility of seeing the stars again, freedom, they preferred life imprisonment, which I have no doubt you will give me, with the absurd accusation of having committed a political massacre for two demonstrative attacks in the middle of the night, in deserted places, which should not and could not injure or kill anyone . Not satisfied, it was decided, in addition to the life imprisonment, given that from prison I continued to write and collaborate in the anarchist press, to shut my mouth forever with the 41 bis».


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