Tragic accident just outside Corigliano Rossano, in the province of Cosenza, where a collision occurred between a regional train and a lorry.

Two victims: a woman, the train conductor, who was next to the driver of the railway convoy, and a man at the wheel of the heavy vehicle.

From what we understand, the train and the truck caught fire immediately after the impact and the victims died instantly.

The police and firefighters are on site, ascertaining the dynamics of the events and, in particular, the reasons why the truck was on the tracks.

The convoy that hit the truck is a regional train that connects the "Sibari" hamlet of Cassano allo Ionio with Corigliano Rossano.

None of the train carriages would have suffered consequences due to the accident and, therefore, none of the passengers remained

wound. The driver of the truck, however, was traveling alone.


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