Thomas Luciani, 17, from Pescara was killed with 25 stab wounds over a drug debt of 250 euros ( the news HERE ) . The two assassins would have attacked the young man, continuing to hit him even while the latter was now lifeless on the ground. It is not clear whether they went into action with the intent to kill or whether it was an argument that ended badly.

The Abruzzo city is in shock over the crime. Thomas' body was found last night lying in the undergrowth near Baden Powell park, near a railway underpass. Two minors, both Italian, were arrested for the murder: one is the son of a lawyer, the other son of a marshal , commander of a local station in a municipality in the province of Pescara.

The murder weapon has not yet been found, probably a diving knife given the injuries on the victim's body.

This is the reconstruction carried out by the investigators, who speak of a crime committed in the context of small-scale drug dealing. A small group of seven or eight boys reached the park. Two of them entered and met Thomas: when they reached an unguarded area they hit him repeatedly . Then they abandoned him in the weeds and moved away, they all went to the seaside, to a beach establishment in the centre, where they took a bath . There, according to the testimonies collected, the knife was abandoned.

The alarm was raised a few hours after the events by one of the young people who were part of the group but who did not participate in the murder. Having understood the seriousness of the incident, the young man went to the police . Immediately after the discovery of the body and the start of investigations, which in a few hours made it possible to identify the alleged perpetrators. The viewing of the images from the video surveillance cameras present in the park and the bathing establishment is also crucial.

The two boys arrested for the murder ( they are in a first reception center awaiting the validation hearing ) did not betray emotions during the first interrogation, we learn from investigative sources: at the moment there have been no particular reactions, in essentially there was an absence of emotional empathy or repentance .

The young people are high school students from good families, well integrated socially. The social context that distinguishes both them and the victim is defined as "fundamentally of apparently normal people" .

The investigations are coordinated by the head of the L'Aquila Juvenile Prosecutor's Office, David Mancini, and the deputy Angela D'Egidio, who yesterday carried out an inspection in the area where the murder took place.


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