Shot in the face, stunned and then set on fire.

This is how Roberta Siragusa died, the 17-year-old girl killed in Caccamo, in the Palermo area, on the night between 23 and 24 January 2021.

This can be read in the motivations of the sentence of the second section of the Court of Assizes of Palermo which sentenced Pietro Morreale to life imprisonment.

The Carabinieri of the Messina Ris found traces of blood from both Roberta and Morreale in the car. After the beating, Siragusa was laid out on the ground near the Caccamo sports field. The pandemic was in full swing and Morreale, according to what was reconstructed during the trial, knew well that at that hour there would be no one in that isolated area where he had secluded himself with Roberta. The cameras of a club filmed the crime scene. Roberta's body was curled up and it is not possible to establish whether the girl had pretended to be dead to try to save herself. But Monreale, as established by the sentence, already had a clear plan to kill her.

He had had a bottle of petrol with him in the car for a few days and he had told a friend that on social networks he would read the news of a young man who set himself on fire. For the defense it was Roberta who poured herself the petrol and set herself on fire. According to the prosecution, it was Pietro who killed her: he allegedly set her on fire around 2.09 in the night and in the footage we see the burning body that rises, travels 30 meters and after 27 seconds falls to the ground to burn another six minutes. According to the judges, it was Morreale who lit the trigger, but the moment is not seen because the young man is hidden by a low wall. A reconstruction that matches the one made by the commander of the flammable explosives chemical section of the Ris. After having left several times, it was only around 3.39 that Pietro left the body at Monte Rotondo, returning home as if nothing had happened.


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