An alleged case of sexual abuse in the scientific high school of the "Valentini-Majorana" school of Castrolibero, in the province of Cosenza, is causing a sensation.

Today a student went to the carabinieri declaring that she was sexually harassed by one of her teachers when she was in her first year. The professor, this is his version of the facts, would have asked her to send him "special" photos to obtain the sufficiency in his subject.

The boys have been protesting for days about this alleged harassment that took place within the walls of the school, there was no lack of tensions outside the gates. Yesterday the Public Prosecutor's Office of Cosenza launched a fact-finding investigation into the facts reported by the students.

The head teacher has also heard some students to try to clarify, inviting those who are aware of specific facts to report to the police.

The same director also proposed to the children a document approved by the teaching council in which it is emphasized that "if there have been actions, behaviors, episodes over the years that have in some way cracked the relationship of trust between the various school components, it is everyone's interest is that these emerge in full light and are evaluated and prosecuted in the appropriate fora, including judicial ones. It is in the interest of us educators above all, strongly aware of the responsibility of a job that is not only difficult but too often lacking in both human and professional satisfaction , that the truth is fully affirmed ".

Parliamentary Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber Committee on Human Rights in the World, today in Reggio Calabria, also spoke on the matter, according to whom "it is very serious that the students were not believed". For Boldrini, the story "makes it clear that our girls are no longer willing to lower their heads, and this is a positive fact. It seems shameful that adults, with responsibility, do not receive the same attention, the same awareness, in helping this path that is not easy ".

In addition to the young woman's complaint, another one presented by a boy has reached the carabinieri.

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