The hopes of finding alive Andrea Covelli, the 27-year-old kidnapped on June 28 in Pianura, a district of Naples, were shattered yesterday when a lifeless body was found in via Pignatiello and the young man's family was called for identification.

There are gunshot wounds on the body: someone shot him in the face too .

The mother had explained that Andrea had gone out to buy croissants with a friend and had never returned. Surveillance cameras had caught him getting on a scooter outside a bar and probably under threat. In the videos we see him seizing his mobile phone and wallet, apparently a robbery, then one of the two criminals takes the 27-year-old's scooter and the other makes Covelli get on his, as a passenger.

From that moment the total silence.

Among the hypotheses of the investigators, that according to which the victim - uncensored and unrelated to organized crime - was killed as a sign of revenge probably transversal.

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