Nicolò Maja , the 23-year-old from Samarate (Varese), the only survivor of the massacre committed by his father Alessandro who killed his 54-year-old wife Stefania Pivetta and his 16-year-old daughter Giulia on 4 May last, was discharged.

The young man was seriously injured : initially in a coma, he woke up at the end of May and in the following three months his condition slowly improved. Yesterday he left the hospital and was able to return to his maternal grandparents in Cassano Magnago (Varese).

"The path is still long, but he has had a truly amazing recovery - confirmed his lawyer, Stefano Bettinelli - he has regained all his cognitive faculties, while for the rest it will take a long rehabilitation, a surgery to be done, but I wish him to return to a full life and one that can overcome the drama he experienced ".

Nicolò had recently obtained his flight license: his dream was to be a pilot.

THE CRIME - The 57-year-old father, in the night between 3 and 4 May last, took up a hammer and killed his sleeping wife and daughter , then wounded Nicolò who, awakened by screams or noises, avoided the fatal blow . Maja, first guarded in a psychiatry ward and now in prison, finally tried to kill herself by setting herself on fire, without success.

A week later, I confessed , to the investigating judge of Busto Arsizio Piera Bossi tried to explain the murders with "an obsession with debts. I felt a failure - he claimed -, responsible for not being able to guarantee the same standard of living for the family. in the future, but I don't know why I did this. "

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