One hundred thousand euros. According to an initial estimate, this is the loot - including jewels, watches and other valuables - from the robbery in Roby Facchinetti's villa in Bergamo.

The artist had offered the three criminals money and jewels, but it wasn't enough : for "35 long and interminable minutes", as reported by the singer himself, the robbers started looking for other jewels.

The prosecutor has opened a file against unknown persons for multi-aggravated robbery, the police are examining the footage from the cameras. The bandits were most likely foreigners, but the reconstruction of the victims is not very clear : they spoke with a South American accent but also from the East.

The three, in dark suits and balaclavas, pointed their guns at the victims. They went into action just before 9 pm, taking advantage of a door left open because Facchinetti had just let the dog out into the garden . They were professionals who knew the villa and the habits of the victims well.

" They were 35 terrible minutes, the worst of our lives ," wrote Facchinetti on social media.


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