Aggravated sexual assault against four children between 4 and 5 years old.

The religion teacher of a Milan kindergarten was arrested two days ago in flagrante delicto, at school, at the end of a lightning investigation conducted by the Nucleus for the protection of women and minors of the local police of Milan following the complaint by the teachers and the kindergarten school management.

Suspicions were raised by some stories told to the teachers by the children, in particular a girl, and reported in the teachers' reports. The Public Prosecutor's Office therefore decided to place micro-cameras in the classroom: the investigators saw live the horrific violence that the teacher inflicted on the children right away, already in the first hour of class .

Abuses that needed to be stopped immediately. The officers then entered the school and arrested him. The magistrates will now summon the little ones in protected hearings with the probative incident formula.

The 35-year-old man, originally from Bari, was not new to these episodes: in November 2021 he was transferred by the Superintendency from another nursery school for his behavior defined as "too intrusive" towards the little ones .


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