The Ravanusa explosion "was produced by a 'bubble' or 'chamber' of methane triggered by a random spark".

To clarify the causes of the hell in via Trilussa in an official way is the chief prosecutor of Agrigento Luigi Patronaggio.

“We are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the explosion and the subsequent propagation of the 'fireball' and the shock wave - he added -. Conversely, on how and why the 'bubble' was created, and even on the exact point where it was created (currently located below or adjacent to the house at number 65 in via Trilussa), doubts remain that they will be released from the ongoing technical and judicial police investigations ".

Nine people who lost their lives, ten with little Samuele, who remained in the womb of his mother Selene Pagliarello.

During the various inspections, at the last of which the deputy prosecutor Salvatore Vella was also present yesterday, "various and heterogeneous materials found on the site of the disaster were collected for subsequent analyzes", explained Patronaggio.

Immediately after the explosion and the collapses, the Agrigento Public Prosecutor's Office opened a file against unknown persons for the crime of culpable disaster and multiple manslaughter.

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