Away from home for ten days due to the floods that devastated Emilia Romagna .

It is the story of a Sardinian family living in the Ravenna area, in Conselice : a nightmare that began last May 18 and has not yet completely ended, even though Pietro and Gianna Piras have returned to their homes since yesterday .

Originally from Belvì she (Poddie is her surname), from Santu Lussurgiu him : in Emilia Romagna for over fifty years, they have two daughters.

«On 17 May – says Gianna – the Santerno overflows and we find ourselves with half a meter of water in the house».

The Piras family lives in a villa, on the ground floor a rustic kitchen literally submerged in water : «We spent the night on the upper floor, on the 18th we moved in with our daughter, who still lives in Conselice with her husband », in a hitherto least affected area.

Until then… Because after the flooding of the Sillaro, the daughter's house also fills with water (" More than a metre ") and everyone is urgently taken away by the fire brigade with a dinghy , Saturday 20 May.

«It was the most dramatic day. We went from our house to get some things from the sleeping area and we moved to my daughter's in-laws, still in Conselice but in a suburban area not much affected by the floods », Gianna continues.

And they stayed there for over a week : «Only yesterday we returned home and we are still emptying the kitchen. Lots of furniture and lots of stuff to throw away. We are practically out of electricity, because everything is still wet and we don't plug in the sockets ».

A real odyssey like the one experienced by so many people from Romagna. "And in other areas it went much worse," acknowledges Gianna Poddie .

Vaccinations were not recommended to them: «We had already had the anti-tetanus shot, and we have not been in rotten water. In bad luck, we can say that we were also lucky. Even if our odyssey isn't over yet .'

Pietro and Gianna are still far from finding complete tranquillity, given that they still have a kitchen to empty and a house that is not entirely usable. And when they finally find it again, they can also go and enjoy a little relaxation in their beloved Sardinia: «It's our land, we go back twice a year» .

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