The 32-year-old woman who in Ariano Polesine, in the province of Rovigo, was found unconscious at home by her 8 and 11-year-old children did not make it. He had a bullet in his head, a yellow one that the investigators are trying to shed light on.

Yesterday afternoon the children of Rkia Hannaoui, of Moroccan origin, returned from school. Their mother was on the ground, they got scared and knocked on a neighbor's door: "Mom is sick," they told him. The man immediately called for help, the ambulance took the housewife to the hospital where she underwent a CT scan. It was thus discovered that there was a bullet lodged in the skull. However, there were no obvious traces of blood in the house, a detail that could suggest that the woman was subsequently taken to her home.

The Prosecutor of Rovigo has opened a file, hypothesizing the murder, acquaintances and residents of the area are being heard in these hours.

The only thing that has been ascertained is that the husband was away from home at the time of the events and would be extraneous to what happened.

A rumor, not confirmed by the carabinieri or the prosecutor's office but circulated from door to door in the village, claims that a neighbor's rifles have been confiscated. While still according to the same source, a gun duly reported by the man is missing.


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