The funeral home for the last farewell to Piero Angela , the journalist and popularizer who passed away yesterday at the age of 93 , will be open on Tuesday 16 August , starting at 11.30, in the Campidoglio in Rome . The secular funeral will follow, also in the Capitol.

The announcement arrived in the late afternoon yesterday and after that during the day there had been a succession of rumors about the fact that death , for the famous divulger, could have occurred in Cagliari .

THE "YELLOW" CAGLIARITANO - To sow chaos Wikipedia , the highly clicked online encyclopedia, which from the first minutes of the news of the death, arrived via social media with a post from his son Alberto, reported a precise detail : Piero Angela, Turin 22 December 1928 - Cagliari, August 13, 2022.

In the Sardinian capital, a tam tam of phone calls to hospitals, police and carabinieri broke out: "Do you know if Piero Angela really died in Cagliari?". But nobody knew anything about it . Even the mayor of Cagliari Paolo Truzzu, informed, fell from the clouds: “I don't know anything”.

Then, suddenly, the word Cagliari disappeared from Wikipedia. As the official news arrived: Piero Angela died in Rome .

IL CORDOGLIO - Yesterday thousands and thousands of messages and affectionate memories arrived in the memory of the journalist and popularizer, so loved by his audience. "A great Italian to whom the Republic is grateful", the words of President Sergio Mattarella from his summer retreat in Alghero . Cosenza has already announced: "Our Planetarium will be named after Piero Angela".


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