New episode of brutal violence in Civitanova Marche , where a 30-year- old Tunisian , Rachid Amri ,   he was stabbed and killed during a fight, which took place for reasons yet to be ascertained, on the southern seafront "Piermanni".

It happened between via Mazzini and via D'Azeglio, shortly after 10 pm : the seriously injured man died during the transfer to the hospital.

Another person was also injured in the fight.

We do not know the causes of the struggle, which may have erupted to settle pending "accounts." On the spot the police for investigations and forensics for the findings of the case: cordoned off the murder area, an attempt is made to trace the stabber.

THE INVESTIGATIONS - According to the first reconstructions, the 30-year-old, known in the shop environment and not regular in Italy, was first beaten and then hit with a slash in the side. A kitchen knife - probably the murder weapon - was found left near a slide for children in a green area used for games, not far from the place of the fight.

The local community under shock: just a few days ago the death of Alika Ogorchuckwu , the 39-year-old Nigerian street vendor who died following the attack of 32-year-old Filippo Ferlazzo , currently in prison.

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