«The "new nuclear" is a resource for combating climate change : the Government is studying it and evaluating it».

This was stated by Gilberto Pichetto Fratin , Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, adding that the European average is 20% of energy production from nuclear power, «with 100 active reactors and others under construction» .

«In some countries it reaches 50% - adds Pichetto Fratin speaking via video link at the conference 'Italian nuclear power in the challenge to climate change' organized by iWeek at the University of Pavia - and EU policies have all been based on replacement, I would say ideological nature of hydrocarbons with electricity, which benefits some countries, first and foremost France, which depend much less in prices on geopolitical turbulence."

«Our policies are based on “carbon neutrality”, as always reiterated by Prime Minister Meloni. Today two thirds of electricity comes from carbon sources and obtaining it only from renewables is very challenging, remembering that solar and wind are not environmentally neutral sources ", explains Gilberto Pichetto Fratin.

«Italy needs a lot of energy and good energy to revolutionize its production system. To move the country with electricity we would need to cover the country with solar panels and wind turbines: we must proceed with caution, the government's choice is to reopen the nuclear chapter in our country. We intend nuclear power as energy to support renewables and this mix seems to us to be the correct one: small reactors with a power of up to 300 megawatts could contribute significantly", adds the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security.


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