On the Slovenian border «the checks proved fruitful on a particularly sensitive route. With Slovenia and Croatia we are working to share a strengthening of control of the external border with Bosnia . We will restore free movement as soon as possible."

This is what the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi stated in an interview with the Messaggero. Which specifies that "economic migrants are increasingly arriving from Bangladesh who take advantage of tourist visas obtained for some transit countries . We are working with the latter to put a stop to these dynamics."

Salvini and the League have rejected the EU Pact on migrants, and the minister comments: « The Government had to carry out negotiations and mediation between 27 countries that have different sensitivities . We have therefore accepted a point of balance and the regulatory framework is now more favorable to Italy."

Compared to the Middle East , «the conflict - he says - seems to fuel new extremisms. Of particular concern is a resurgence of anti-Semitism . It is too early to say whether the situation could then lead to an increase in the terrorist risk. However, we have raised the level of attention ."

That of lone wolves "is the type of risk we fear the most but the widespread attention to the subjects who can be attracted by these dynamics has so far averted the danger".

For April 25th «as for any anniversary full of symbolic meanings, specific prevention services have been prepared. There is attention but without alarmism because there are no specific elements of concern."


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