A massive hacker attack has been detected by the National Cyber Security Agency (ACN) .

The Acn technicians speak of an attack carried out "through a ransomware already in circulation" and have already surveyed " several dozen national systems likely to be compromised and alerted numerous subjects whose systems are exposed but not yet compromised ".

However, it is explained, «there are still some exposed systems, not compromised, of which it has not been possible to trace the owner. These are called immediately to update their systems.

The attack targeted VMware ESXi servers . The vulnerability exploited by hackers has already been corrected in the past by the manufacturer but, Acn points out, "not all those who use the currently affected systems have solved it" and the targeted servers, if lacking the adequate corrections, "can open the doors to hackers busy exploiting it in these hours after the strong growth of attacks recorded over the weekend" .

The first to notice the attack were the French, then the wave of attacks moved to other countries including Italy. At the moment there are a few thousand servers compromised all over the world , from European countries such as France - the most affected - Finland and Italy, up to North America, Canada and the United States.

In Italy dozens of realities have encountered attacks against them, but according to analysts they are destined to increase. The attacks, explains the Agency, " encrypt the affected systems making them unusable until a ransom is paid for the decryption key ".

It is not clear whether the offensive is also the cause of the malfunctioning of the Telecom network throughout Italy, since this morning there have been thousands of reports. The postal police and the company itself had ruled out a hacker attack.


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