The life savings thrown away, cheated by a gang of ten people residing in various parts of Italy, even in Sardinia .

It is the sad story of a 50-year-old employee from Fabriano (Ancona), who made a series of bank transfers for a total of 180 thousand euros made from February onwards.

The woman was lured on Facebook by a self-styled "friend" , a male profile later found to be false who periodically asked her for money for various needs: from travel to treatment for her sick child.

She came out when it was already very late, thanks to the intuition of the bank manager , who did not proceed with yet another bank transfer, she summoned the woman and spoke to her, so that she would realize the emotional trap in which she was fall.

So the 50-year-old turned to the police, the investigations of the agents of the Fabriano police station made it possible to identify the holders of the rechargeable cards on which the victim had made his money flow.

There are ten people, some non-EU citizens, others not, residing in Lombardy, Veneto, Campania and Sardinia : all reported for fraud, expulsion from Italy will also be proposed for non-EU citizens.

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