A life marked by a dark moment, of great pain and apprehension. Luigi Casella, Cesare's father, had to deal with this, kidnapped when he was 18 in Pavia. It was January 18, 1988. Held hostage on Aspromonte, he remained in the hands of the kidnappers for 743 days, one of the longest periods ever recorded in our country.

Luigi Casella died at 83 years old. The owner of a car dealership, he had gone to Calabria, at the time of the affair that had kept all of Italy in suspense, to personally deliver the ransom: one billion lire. Yet the son had not been freed, in fact more money had been asked for. Even his wife Angela, nicknamed "courage mother", looked for Cesare everywhere, always keeping the press's attention high. On January 29, 1990 the nightmare ended.

Cesare had already lost his mother in 2011.


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