In Palermo two students ended up in hypothermia in a few days, one at school and the other at university.

A few days ago the first victim was a fifth grade girl from the Emanuela Loi elementary school. The ten-year-old girl began to shake and feel numbness in her legs. Rescued by 118, she was taken to the hospital.

The head teacher Rosaria Corona had already called for the repair of the heating system since March 2022 and now fears the closure of the school if it is not restored. The unusable plant puts "in serious danger the health of male and female students who in these winter days are forced to spend hours at school with inadequate temperatures - he wrote - There is also the risk that the constant leakage of water could irreparably damage the foundations of the building.

Yesterday however it was the turn of a woman who was following a training course at the University of Palermo and who felt ill due to the cold in the classroom, also in this case, not heated . A 118 ambulance intervened on the spot and took her to the Civic Hospital.

The woman, with other people, was following a lesson of the course for a support teacher . After the intervention of the doctors, the students protested and   they were moved to another building to continue their lessons in a heated room.

"We have launched an internal investigation to ascertain what happened and to take the due and necessary measures regarding this unfortunate and unacceptable situation - says the general director of the University of Palermo, Roberto Agnello -. We will establish all levels of accountability and functionality of the spaces will be restored as soon as possible. We are following the student's health conditions with absolute attention.


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