The State Police arrested a minor, an Italian citizen of foreign origin, residing in the province of Bergamo, under investigation for association with the purpose of terrorism, training, apology and instigation to aggravated crimes.

The young man was "attention" by Digos and by the Service for the Contrast to Extremism and External Terrorism "following his rapid process of violent radicalization and the publication on social networks of jihadist propaganda videos attributable to Isis ".

In particular, the investigators explain, "the investigative activity, also carried out with the contributions of the Intelligence sector and the foreign police forces, revealed that the minor belonged to a network of young Internet users who are supporters of Daesh, present in various countries of the 'Europe and America, many of whom have been arrested in recent weeks".

The young man, the investigators add, "was ready to take action by developing the plan for an arson attack in the area where he lives".

At the time of his arrest, the teenager was also found in possession of numerous contents attributable to the Islamic State, including videos of executions and also manuals relating to weapons and the packaging of bombs, which he also disseminated on the net, urging other young Internet users to take action.


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