«The person I was in that period is not the person I am today. This process is helping me to put together some points that I had scattered, some confusing pieces. Now I can talk about the real truth, today I am a clear-minded person."

Thus began Alessandro Impagnatiello , accused of the murder of Giulia Tramontano , his girlfriend who was seven months pregnant and who died a year ago, responding in the courtroom to the trial in which he is accused in Milan .

Impagnatiello also reconstructed the moments of the crime: «Giulia ignores me. I move, I go towards the kitchen, I see that there was this knife with which he was cutting some vegetables." Meanwhile, she was bent over in the living room to take a plaster from a drawer, since she had cut herself. Then, adds the accused, «I stand still behind me waiting for him to get up to go back to the kitchen. Then I hit her at the neck, but I don't know how many blows."

Also macabre are the details of the days immediately following the murder, which took place in Senago, in the Milanese hinterland on 30 May 2023: "I went to my mother's house for lunch in the car, Giulia's body was on board".

When asked by prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo about any accomplices who helped him, "absolutely not" the former barman replied, who also admitted having attempted to divert the investigations: "The messages I sent to Giulia were farewell letters , it was that part of me that didn't believe what had happened. A part of me that contrasted with the part that had acted out of control that evening." And then the attempts to set the body on fire: "I wanted to turn it into ash," Impagnatiello explained in the courtroom.

Questions were also asked about the poisoning attempts . «I gave Giulia rat poison while she slept, a few grains, twice in the first half of May. But not to harm her, but to cause an abortion ,” explained the former barman. Adding: "It wasn't a continuous thing, it happened in May, on two occasions, at a short distance."


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