A 28-year-old man was arrested for beating, kidnapping and tying a cable around the neck of an escort girl in a hotel in Desio, in the province of Monza-Brianza.

The carabinieri tracked him down and blocked him, thanks to the report of a friend of the victim - a 30-year-old Romanian - who was unable to speak to her on the phone.

When the carabinieri arrived at the hotel, they found the woman on the ground, in shock and with visible signs of violence on her body: she said she had been segregated there for several hours, beaten several times, and also forced to take cocaine.

The 28-year-old, taken to prison in Monza, in December 2021 was sentenced in first instance (in competition with his mother) to 12 years and 8 months, for the attempted murder of her second husband, in 2016 in Puglia.

The plan, hatched by the woman, was to kill him by administering an anticoagulant, which would have caused him internal bleeding, making it pass for natural death . The crime was thwarted thanks to the investigations by the carabinieri into an attack on the businessman, again organized by mother and son, which was supposed to cause him internal injuries.


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