“I am Omen, the devil. And you are my slaves."

Thus the young Florentine university student subjugated a group of adolescents , with violence and sexual abuse . For this reason, the public prosecutor's office – at the appeal trial in Florence – asked for 12 years' imprisonment for Matteo Valdambrini , who allegedly set himself up as the head of an alleged satanic sect . The 24-year-old allegedly convinced his followers that he had supernatural powers , convincing them that they were "chosen ones" and the reincarnation of famous deities .

All together they would have shouldered the onerous task of saving humanity from evil. According to the indictment, the meetings with the followers took place in disused and abandoned buildings between Florence, Pistoia and Prato. The investigations started with the complaint of a mother, frightened by the strange behavior of her minor children, who attended the meetings. In the first instance, Valdambrini was sentenced - in December 2020 - to 6 years.

The charge was that of 5 sexual assaults, while he was acquitted of the charge of enslavement and other episodes of violence. The sentence is now expected for May 24 .


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