He drove the car - an Audi R8 - up to almost 300 km per hour , while a friend, in the passenger seat, was filming the speedometer rising with his mobile phone .

Then something went wrong, he lost control of the car or hit something. The car crashed . And the video of the stunt became the video of his last moments of life.

It happened in Rome , on the great ring road, near the Casilina Est service station, where a 22-year-old young man of Roma origin - Orsus Brischetto , resident in Aprilia - died following a tragic road accident.

On the other hand, both the passenger who was with him were seriously injured .

After the accident the parts of the car ended up on the roadway, hitting another car driven by a pregnant woman, who was also injured and was transported in yellow code to the hospital.

The video of the crash began to shoot on social media, causing bewilderment, while the police investigate to reconstruct the dynamics of the incident exactly.

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