He chased and rammed her several times , armed with a pistol, as she ran away after a fight. Then he opened fire in front of the barracks.

Attempted femicide in the night in Soragna, in the province of Parma.

At the height of a domestic quarrel, the woman - 50 - ran away from home in a car, terrified. Her 60-year-old husband took the car and with a regularly held pistol went after him .

The victim called 112 asking for help, and the operators guided her to the barracks . Right here, in front of the military, the 60-year-old opened fire on the woman who got out of the car, grazing her in the shoulder .

A few seconds later he was blocked and arrested red-handed for attempted murder. He was also charged with illegal carrying of a weapon because, although the pistol was regularly detained, it did not have a license to carry it and therefore could not have taken it out of the house.

The wound was brought to the Major of Parma, in a confidential prognosis but not in danger of life.

On the spot, the 118 health personnel, who took the victim in red code to the hospital in Parma, as well as the soldiers of the Fidenza radio-mobile team and colleagues from the Busseto station.

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