A man was blocked at the Città Studi clinic in Milan after attacking a woman who had come with him, his partner, to the health facility . The man injured two hospital employees and a citizen who intervened to defend him with a knife .

The attacker, a 22-year-old with no criminal record , is now in the Carabinieri barracks.

After the visit, explains the medical director of the clinic Mirco Baltrocchi, the man railed against her and attacked her . It all started in the basement where the induction visits are done, he added, and then arrived at the concierge where the woman took refuge, locked in the public relations office.

Two employees who came to his aid were stabbed, one in the abdomen and left thigh and the other in the right calf. A patient who intervened was also injured and suffered superficial injuries to his hands. No one is in serious condition, the knife used appears to have a very small blade .


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