Halili Elmahdi, 29 years old, arrested by the Digos of Turin, considered the author of the first jihadist propaganda texts written in Italian. A naturalized Italian Moroccan, he is accused of terrorist association with the Islamic State.

He had already ended up in handcuffs twice, in 2015 and 2018 when he lived in Lanzo, in the Turin area, always on charges of terrorism and links to Daesh for which he was carrying out a radicalization and proselytism campaign conducted on the web. After his conviction, his Italian citizenship was taken away. At the end of July 2023 he was released from prison, but due to bureaucratic obstacles he was not expelled.

From the police investigation, coordinated by the Turin prosecutor's office, it emerged that during his detention he strengthened his fundamentalist beliefs: he proudly declared that he continued to belong to ISIS, assuming increasingly violent attitudes both inside the prison and later, when he was released.


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