Starting today, 1 October, the obligation to wear masks on trains and buses falls. However, the provision remains that they must still be used in health facilities and RSAs , as established following the extension signed by Minister Roberto Speranza and in force until the end of October.

The next step will be that of 31 October when another important anti- coronavirus measure will expire: the safety protocols in the workplace will cease to have effect , which among other things provide in some cases the measurement of the temperature at the entrance and the use of masks indoors when it is not possible to maintain the distance between workers.

In the latest surveys, however, it emerges that Covid-19 does not seem to give up : the incidence increases (325 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants) and the Rt index returns to 1.

The regions classified as high risk are now 5 (they were 2 last week): Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Marche, Puglia and Veneto.

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