Five people are under investigation for the death of Francesco Pio, the 13-month-old boy bitten and killed by pit bulls on 22 April in Campolongo , a hamlet of Eboli in the Salerno area.

These are the two owners of the dogs, the mother and the little boy's two uncles, all accused of manslaughter for failure to look after animals .

Act necessary to allow investigators to do their job and clarify the chain of events that led to the death of a child. Meanwhile, we need to understand where the child was, whether in his uncle's arms or on the ground. What if the dogs were locked up and supervised or left free to run around.

An autopsy on the little boy's body is scheduled for today. According to initial reconstructions, the little boy was in his uncle's arms and, as he was leaving the house, the two dogs bit him, tearing him from the arms of the man who remained unharmed . In a desperate attempt to save her little one, the mother was also injured. The dogs, however, would have escaped from a courtyard near the child's home, reaching the garden of the victim's house. The molossians were not supervised, the owners would no longer live in that house and would have left them there .

While awaiting the autopsy, the first medical-legal findings revealed deep injuries to the child's abdomen and throat , which were literally torn open.

In Eboli there is citizen mourning while questions are being asked about the future of pit bulls. They are now in the care of the ASL veterinary service which must evaluate within ten days whether they can be re-educated and therefore entrusted or whether they will have to be killed with a lethal injection .


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