When I killed my mother I was 300 percent convinced that she wanted to poison us , I would have put my hand on the fire. Now, after so many months in prison, I'm not so sure anymore."

Thus Silvia Zani, before the Brescia Court of Assizes, confessed to the murder of her mother Laura Ziliani, the former Temù policeman killed in the night between 7 and 8 May 2021. They are also accused of the murder with her boyfriend Mirto Milani and sister Paola Zani .

“We were convinced that our mother wanted to kill us. We were terrified. I don't know why he wanted to kill us, maybe because I was a nuisance or because I wanted to manage the properties we inherited after my father's death in a different way,” she said. Already a year ago, when she confessed to the murder for the first time during interrogation in prison, Silvia Zani said she had acted to defend herself against an alleged homicidal plot by her mother .

Silvia reconstructed the evening in which the crime took place and tried to exonerate her boyfriend: "When he intervened in the room where I was suffocating my mother and my sister was holding her still , I think she was already dead".

His sister Paola Zani also spoke, who burst into tears in front of the judges: « I want to apologize to everyone. To my mother that I killed, to my uncles, to my sister, to my grandmother, to all the people of Temù . I realize that I hurt everyone. I'm sorry for everything, I'm absolutely sorry most of all for my mom », these are his words.

Milani also confirmed the version of the alleged murder plan of the victim. On what happened that evening , however: "I myself put 30 drops of benzodiazepine in each muffin with a syringe and then I got under the bed in Paola's room because Laura didn't know I was in Temù ".

Then, when the former traffic warden went to sleep, the criminal trio got ready: «So I began to have the first doubts, I said that we had to stop and Silvia cursed at me, leaving the room and taking Paola with her. Then I heard a stifled cry and in the dim light I saw Silvia strangling Laura while Paola held her still .'


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