"Please don't leave me here to die."

The GoPro that Davide Piampiano always carried with him captured the last moments of the life of the 24-year-old , who died in circumstances yet to be ascertained during a wild boar hunt in the countryside of Assisi . Piampiano had installed that little camera in his hat : he liked to film his hunting trips and then put the images on social media.

And instead that January 11 immortalized a tragedy and a last call for help. It would have been Piero Fabbri who shot Piampiano, a 57-year-old who the victim considered a "second father" and now arrested by the carabinieri for voluntary homicide with possible malice.

According to the investigators ' reconstruction , it was not a crime planned from the beginning and for this reason no motive was hypothesized . On the basis of the investigations , Fabbri allegedly believed he had fired the 12-gauge shot at a wild boar, which instead hit the young man in the chest . So much so that it was the suspect who was the first to reach him and to collect his request for help while he was desperate for what happened.

After Piampiano's death, however, Fabbri would have tried to sidetrack the investigations by altering the state of the places, unloading the 24-year-old's weapon, getting rid of his rifle and hunting jacket and above all by "failing to call promptly" for help , notified after several minutes by another young man who was hunting and who had arrived in the meantime. "This omissive behavior - explained the investigators, coordinated by the prosecutor Raffaele Cantone - made it possible to hypothesize the willful hypothesis of homicide against the author of the shot, since he, with his choice not to immediately call for help, ascertained the risk that the affected person could die.

It is now necessary to clarify the lethality of the blow that hit Piampiano and whether any timely treatment could have saved his life.


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