After being heard by the carabinieri, regarding the killing of her boyfriend , which took place last Sunday in the Sant'Antonio Lakes - between Montegrotto Terme and Torreglie, in the Padovano area -, the military did not believe her version and investigated Valentina's position. Boscaro. The young woman is now in custody on charges of having stabbed to death Mattia Caruso, 30 years old from Albignasego.

From an initial reconstruction, the victim had had a fight with someone in the parking lot of a club where he and his partner had spent the evening. In reality it was not a stranger who killed Mattia Caruso with a slash to the heart, leaving him agonizing on the ground. Rescue had also proved useless.

The girlfriend , as she herself admitted in front of the prosecutor during the interrogation in the barracks, was holding the switchblade that would have sunk into the chest of the 30-year-old.

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