Covid infections are running in Italy , with an increase that marks + 51.9% in the last week and an inversion in the intensive curve (+ 21.1%). There is also a jump in ordinary hospitalizations (+ 31.8%), while deaths drop by 8.5%.

This is what emerges from the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation in the week of 28 September-4 October.

The increase in cases is significant: from 160,829 units in the previous week to 244,353, while deaths drop from 307 to 281. Currently positive cases are also growing (491,811 in the last week vs 444,389 in the previous), home isolation (486,842 vs 440,608), hospitalizations with symptoms (4,814 vs 3,653) and intensive (155 vs 128).

"For the third consecutive week - declares Nino Cartabellotta , president of the Gimbe Foundation - there is an increase in new cases that mark a further leap (+ 51.9%): from just under 161 thousand they reach over 244 thousand, with an average to 7 days of almost 35 thousand cases a day ".

THE DATA - The increase concerns, albeit heterogeneously, all the Regions, with the lowest figure being that of Sardinia (+ 18.4%).

At the provincial level, also in this case the lowest value in Italy is that recorded in Cagliari (+ 9%).

The highest values in Valle d'Aosta and Aosta (+ 132%).

The incidence of reinfections increases: in the week 22-28 September it is 17.8% (59.172 reinfections), compared to 15.8% in the previous 7 days, according to the latest report from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

"On the hospital front - says Marco Mosti, operational director of the Gimbe Foundation - after more than two months of decline, there is a reversal of the trend in intensive care (+ 21.1%), and a clear jump (+ 31.8% ) of hospitalizations in the medical area ". "The admissions to intensive care - he points out - after hitting the minimum since July 2021 last week, have almost doubled with a 7-day moving average of 21 admissions / day vs 11 admissions / day".

Deaths continue to decrease: 281 in the last 7 days (of which 6 referring to previous periods), with an average of 40 per day compared to 44 in the previous week.

NEW CIRCULAR - Meanwhile, on the table of the technicians of the Ministry of Health, a new circular to the Regions is ready in draft with the "Indications for the management of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in the autumn winter 2022-2023 season": the strategy, in addition to virus surveillance, provides for the push to vaccinate until the return of masks, smart working and the limitation to gatherings and therefore the stop to major events.

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